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The periodical Yearbook of Morphology, published since ,has proven to be an eminent support for this upswing of morphologicalresearch, and has shown that morphology is central to present-daylinguistic theorizing. In the Yearbook of Morphology a number of important theoretical issuesare discussed: the role of inflectional paradigms in morphologicalanalysis, the differences between words and affixes, and the adequacy ofcompeting models of word structure.

In addition, the role of phonological factors in shaping complex words isdiscussed.

Yearbook of Morphology 2005

Evidence for particular positions defended in this volume istaken from a wide variety of languages. Jerome Publishing Ltd. Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd.

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Trends in Linguistics, Studies and Monographs Hildesheim: Olms, xiii, p. ISBN Euro 29, Germanistische Linguistik Monographien, JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser.

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About this book A revival of interest in morphology has occurred during recent years. Show all.

Table of contents 12 chapters Table of contents 12 chapters Morphological universals and diachrony Pages Anderson, Stephen R. Morphological universals and the sign language type Pages Aronoff, Mark et al.

[Introduction to Linguistics] (OLD) Derivational and Inflectional Morphemes, Morphological Changes

Typology and the formal modelling of syncretism Pages Baerman, Matthew. An inflectional approach to Hausa final vowel shortening Pages Crysmann, Berthold.