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Consequently, commanders who allowed their boats to be detected were often reprimanded for their failure, because in training for war during the s a sighted submarine was considered to be a sunken submarine.

Warrior: US Submarine Crewman 1941-45 82 by Robert Hargis (2003, Paperback)

It was widely held in the prewar navy that the detonation of pounds of TNT up to feet from a submerged target like a submarine was likely to cause the target irreparable damage. This official disapproval of aggressive tactics that might lead to a submarine being spotted made for a breed of technically superior but rather timid officers. As a consequence, early in the War all attacks on Japanese vessels were conducted in a slow, methodical manner, with submerged sonar approaches that more often than not allowed the enemy to escape. Another problem with naval submarine tactics lay in three major defects suffered by American torpedoes.

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At the start of the conflict the newest American submarines were armed with the Bliss-Leavitt Mk. XIV torpedo, equipped with the Mk. VI exploder. The Mk. VI exploder was a device that had both a contact detonation feature as well as a magnetic influence detonator. In theory this device would cause the torpedo to explode as soon as it entered the magnetic field of a large mass of steel like a warship.

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Create a List. Survivors from the ships were rescued and brought to shore by several U. The two tankers, sunk close to shore in shallow water, were eventually salvaged and refloated. After extensive repairs both ships rejoined the war effort. Later in the war the two ships were again sunk by U-boats, this time permanently. The attacks along Georgia's coastline threw the state into a panic.

The gigantic blasts from the exploding tankers had shattered windows in nearby Brunswick, and thick oil fouled beaches in the area for weeks afterward. Frightening rumors of Germans landing on shore began circulating throughout the coastal communities. The Airship Squadron in Brunswick, Georgia's coastal defenses grew so formidable that enemy submarines never again dared to come within sight of land. During the summer of , two more American tankers were sunk approximately miles east of Brunswick.

But by then the tide of war had turned against the U-boats.

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The hunters became the hunted, and the German U-boat threat in Georgia waters ended for good. Hide Caption. Glynco Naval Air Station. Esso Baton Rouge. Airship Squadron in Brunswick, Further Reading. Cite This Article. Frances Pauley Black Legislators during Reconstruction. Howard Moore Jr. County Unit System. Civil War Archaeology. War of Jenkins' Ear. Savannah City Plan. Lester Maddox Latino Immigration. Ella Gertrude Clanton Thomas Coastal Shell Rings.

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