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When you stick two hydrogen atoms together with an oxygen atom, they look something like Mickey Mouse's head — two little round ears sitting on a round head.

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And because those hydrogen atoms each have a negatively-charged electron sticking out, the side of the molecule with the "ears" has a slightly negative charge. This makes a water molecule behave kind of like a magnet with a negative and positive pole. Polar molecules like water attract each other like magnets, too. Inside a drop of water, water molecules are attracted by other water molecules all around them. On the surface of the drop of water, however, the molecules are pulled down by all the molecules below them, and pulled together by all the molecules next to them.

This causes them to become tightly packed together on the surface.

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It's almost like a "skin" of water forms on the surface, holding all the water inside the drop. Now, even though Arrietty and her family are smaller than we are, water molecules are still the same size. So water tends to form into drops of about the same size as in our world, and behave the same way. The study of the properties of materials on a molecular scale is called nanoscience. Nanoscience is all about surface area — when you're dealing with tiny little bits of stuff, there's a lot more surface than insides!

A few years back, my kids and I did a simple demonstration of the principles of nanoscience that worked just like Arrietty's teapot. Spit the magnet onto the can to lower it and raise the door ahead. Before continuing through the now raised door, jump onto the magnet so that you can reach the top of the can. There are 4 coins floating above and all 4 are Red Coins.

The ones farthest to the right are actually tossing 1 Red Coin. Continue moving to the right.

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Jump up the platforms where the Spear Guys are standing. Above it are coins in the formation of an arrow pointing down. Do a ground pound on this circle and then keep heading right. Be ready to deal with more Spear Guys. Once you hit it, three apples will appear. You will have to eat them before the time is up. The last apple is harder to get. The trick is to jump, tilt your head up, and stick out your tongue as the apple is in the air directly in-between the Mousers tossing it.

Then you'll get a Flower. From here, move to the right towards the Egg-plant. Be sure you have maxed out your Eggs because once you hit the Pink Clock Winged Cloud the level will flip. Drop down on the right side and look into the background. Toss an egg or walk under this platform to reveal it. Hit the cloud with an Egg and a line of coins will appear. When you drop back down towards the right remember to eat the magnet you just used.

You will need it to open the door to the next area. The last thing you have to do in this area is place 2 magnets on the can with the pink construction paper face so that the pink panel door lifts up. Jump to the platform with the Egg-Plant and Flutter Jump to the can with construction paper face.

You may need to do this a few times because the first time you should just eat the Spear Guy. Now that you are standing on top of the can. Jump up, tilt your head up, and eat the magnet on the left can above you.

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Now that you have both magnets around spit both ontop the can with the construction paper face. Once both magnets are attached, the door will rise up. It is believed that naturally occurring minerals called magnetite were first discovered by the Ancient Greeks in the area of Turkey.

One Man’s Unlikely Quest to Power the World With Magnets

The Vikings were known as the first people to use this magnetic material to create compasses that allowed them to navigate across water through poor weather conditions to discover and conquer new land. It is thought that the Vikings kept the magnetic compass a secret for many years. Magnetic compasses can now be found in every ship across the world to navigate the open seas.

Today almost all magnets are manufactured using various natural materials from around the world. Magnetism is what gives magnets their ability to attract objects made of iron or steel. A magnet creates around itself a region of space with special properties. This region is known as a magnetic field. When two magnets come near each other, their fields create forces that attract or repel. The Earth is itself a huge magnet , and the force its field exerts on other magnets makes them point in a north—south direction.

This effect is used in the magnetic compass. The most common magnetic material is steel, an alloy mix of iron, other metals, and carbon. Pure iron becomes magnetised in a magnetic field but does not stay magnetic. Steel can make a permanent magnet. Once it is magnetised, it stays magnetised. The two ends of a magnet are always different from each other. The end that points north, if allowed to move freely, is called the north pole.

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The other end is the south pole. These magnetic poles behave rather like electric charge s. Poles of opposite kinds attract each other, while poles of the same kind repel.

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Every magnet is surrounded by an invisible, three-dimensional magnetic field. A field is a region in which something varies from point to point. In a magnetic field, the strength and direction of the magnetic effect varies in a similar way. The field is at its strongest near the magnet. The idea of a magnetic field is based on the work of British scientist Michael Faraday — in the early 19th century. These helped him to explain many magnetic effects. We now see lines of force as indicating the direction of the field, with their spacing indicating its strength.

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Electromagnets are made from wire carrying a current. If the wire is coiled, the fields from each turn of wire produce a stronger field. If the wire is wrapped around an iron core, the field gets stronger still. An electromagnet can be a single coil called a solenoid or bent double, with two coils.

Electromagnets make it easy to handle scrap metal.