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Readers Companion to American History. Student Resources. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Constitution: Fifteenth Amendment. Find Law. Constitution: Fourteenth Amendment.

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Constitution: Nineteenth Amendment. Constitution: Thirteenth Amendment. Constitution: Twenty-Fourth Amendment. Mexican War. Territorial Maps. University of Texas Libraries. Why Historical Thinking Matters. Historical Thinking Matters. Drake, Frederick D. The History Teacher.

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Evans, Sara M. NY: Free Press, Foner, Eric.

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The Story of American Freedom. NY: W. Foner traces the idea of freedom and its evolution in American history. Women's America: Refocusing the Past. Fourth Edition. NY: Oxford University Press, Kruman, Marc W. Stewart James Brewer. VanBurkleo, Sandra.

Wineburg, Sam. Historical Thinking and Other Unnatural Acts. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, This book examines issues concerning the teaching and learning of history. Wood, Gordon S. The Radicalism of the American Revolution. Unit 2: Growth of Industrial and Urban America. Students ended the previous unit with an examination of economic and demographic data about the United States from Reconstruction to the turn of the century.

In this unit, students focus on how technical and organizational innovations, entrepreneurs, migration and immigration led to the transformation of the national economy. They investigate entrepreneurs and engage in small group discussions evaluating whether these individuals were Captains of Industry or Robber Barons. Students also explore the immigrant experience, analyzing primary sources to determine how issues of freedom and equality affected the lives of immigrants. Using primary and secondary sources students analyze the consequences of industrialization, including its effects on both rural and urban America.

In doing so, students explore the growth of Populism and the labor movement. After students examine and reflect upon how American concepts of freedom and equality were affected by industrialization, immigration, and urbanization, they record their thoughts in their Freedom Tracking Notebook. Students then compare the attributes of writing arguments and narratives, and consider the role of evidence in both.

After analyzing a variety of sources related to industrialization, students use evidence to develop a historical narrative about the consequences of industrialization.

Throughout the unit, students use their Freedom Tracking Notebook to reflect on how the ideas of freedom and equality shaped industrial and urban America during this period. How and why did the meaning of freedom and equality in the United States change as a result of industrialization? America on the Move. Smithsonian Institute. National Museum of American History. American Federation of Labor. Ohio History Central. Ohio Historical Society. Andrew Carnegie. The American Experience. A Nation of Immigrants.

The City University of New York. Bill Moyers Journal. United Streaming. Carnegie and the Era of Steel. Outline of American History. From Revolution to Reconstruction. Ethnic and Race Relations. The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History. Ball State University. The Learning Page, Library of Congress. Industrial Revolution Inventors.

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The USA Online. Introduction to Oil Industry. Oil Industry. A Journalistic Masterpiece. The Rockefellers. American Experience. Knights of Labor. Overview: Immigration to the United States Rise of Industrial America, The Learning Page. The Peopling of America. Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.


Party Platform, The Populist Party. Vassar College. Rich as Rockefeller. Freedom: History of US. Sound Recording Analysis Sheet. National Archives and Records Administration. Tarr, Joel A. The City and the Natural Environment. Carnegie Mellon University. Textile Industry History. The Triangle Factory Fire. Cornell University. United Mine Workers.

America in World War I: Crash Course US History #30

Wake Up, America! Webisode 4. The Natural Resource Endowment. Barton, Keith C. Teaching History for the Common Good. Routledge Publishing, Brinkley, Alan. The Unfinished Nation PowerPoint. Chapter Pearson Education.