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W Ceedo differs from U3 in that it stores and runs the applications on the flash drive in an uncompressed state.

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A plug-in for Ceedo called Argo is available, which will allow it to independently run applications such as Microsoft Office. MojoPac is a product from RingCube technologies, which was developed in One major differentiating factor of MojoPac is the large number of compatible devices they claim to support. The company states that its product will work with almost any USB 2. This means that all of your desktop settings, including wallpaper, favorites, cookies, and other profile specifics, are available for use as if you are working remotely.

Currently, browser support only extends to Internet Explorer and Mozilla, but most other Windows-supported applications can reside and run from this device. X MojoPac also requires administrative privileges on the host computer to install and run effectively.

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A plug-in called Usher is available that allows MojoPac to perform in a limited mode. It also provides an application virtualization layer, which hinders writing to the hosting computer. StartKey StartKey has been called the U3 replacement. Development began in by Microsoft and SanDisk, but a beta product has not been released publicly.

Y Some of the significant enhancements expected from its U3 predecessor are enhanced logging, boot ability, profile portability, and support for a wider range of removable media. Additionally, you can store personal computer settings, privileges, applications, and data files on the StartKey itself. Microsoft is designing this as an independent system to compete in a growing market of feature-rich portable platforms.

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Dynamic propagation of this attack to the compromised drives is possible and could easily be applied. This could give the attacker an unlimited number of targets to compromise. Again, an AV killer would also have to be deployed with this as the processes have already been labeled as malicious programs by a majority of providers. The evolution of this and other utilities is occurring at an alarming rate!

Several Web communities have already been formed to aid in the research and development of these. The concepts behind Hacksaw are not new and have been around for years. What is innovative about these attacks is the wide range of data that could be exposed if strategically positioned. A majority of the attack relies on the naive posture of a victim, and, as always, humans are the weakest links in any security chain.

Some might deem these harsh, but for those companies where security is paramount, this is the only way to ensure absolute compliance. These tactics have proved to hinder workplace production in standard operating environments, which is why they have never gained wide acceptance. Autorun can best be described as a feature that permits media to instruct an application or program to be dynamically initialized upon insertion.

Windows has a vast selection of operating systems still in play today. Most of the older versions are unsupported, although some still insist on using them. While the attack outlined in this chapter specifically focuses on , XP, and , it is merely few tweaks away from working on previous and future versions as well.

If your Windows system has automatic updates turned on, it is likely you already have most autorun features disabled. Microsoft released several updates that modified this functionality in The following instructions will provide additional information on these settings and guide you through the manual registry-adjustment process to disable autorun on all drives.

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In the Value data box, type 0xFF to disable all types of drives. Click OK, and then exit Registry Editor. Restart the computer. If the NoDriveAutoRun setting is not present it is possible that a patch was not applied or failed to install properly. Once established, right-click NoDriveAutorun, click modify, and then enter the appropriate value to disable autorun as defined in Table 1. Reboot the system to enable the new settings. If you wish to selectively disable specific drives, use an alternate value for the NoDriveTypeAutoRun key as described in Table 1.

These values can be set individually or in combination of two or more. This can be accomplished by adding the number included in value column of Table 1. If you run into issues and would like to enable these features, simply change the NoDriveTypeAutoRun value back to Table 1. These features can also be adjusted through an autoplay control panel applet in each respective operating system. Autorun enabled devices previously used on a system may not be affected by the disablement described in these procedures.

This key can be removed to mitigate this behavior. It is important to test the MountPoints2 key removal on all related components and peripherals to establish complete compliance and ensure no adverse affects are encountered. Disabling of CD autorun on Windows 95, 98, and ME in the system settings can be accomplished with the following procedures using the control panel applet.

You may also edit the registry on these systems using the above procedures to disable other drive types. On the Settings tab, remove the check to clear the Auto Insert Notification.

Once your system has rebooted, you may now test the autorun functionality. This should prevent CD sources from autoinitializing on your system. More information related to the disablement of autorun in Windows 95, 98, and ME can be found online. AA Over the last decade Microsoft has tried to appease the security conscious and unconscious alike. Microsoft, like other top providers in this global industry, is forced to listen to the user community. Functionality and usability will often outweigh security, especially when it is not a major consideration of the masses. As mentioned previously, Microsoft has recently taken notice of these and other types of attacks, which leverage localized resources including the autorun functionality.

The information on these blogs seems to convey the same level of concern about this subject. Below is an excerpt from a blog entry posted in March of This change will be present in the Release Candidate build of Windows 7.

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In addition, we are planning to release an update in the future for Windows Vista and Windows XP that will implement this new behavior. Below is another relevant extract from the Windows Security blog, which corresponds to the previous statements. The Hacksaw puts a new spin on data security by preying on unsuspecting victims who do not comprehend the degree of negligence they might be exuding.


Seven Deadliest Social Network Attacks

New versions of this utility are already in the wild ready to pounce on systems deemed to have adequate protection. It seems the only protection against this is the education of the users who interact with the systems that can fall victim to these and related attacks. Endnotes 1. Accessed October As with the USB Hacksaw, it is also able to leverage a preconfigured U3 flash drive, although this is not required.

The Switchblade has more potential to wreak a higher degree of havoc on a system and its environment than its cousin, the Hacksaw. Administrator-level privileges are required to run most of the tools included in the Switchblade packages. This chapter will examine the USB Switchblade to uncover the clever yet mischievous usages this device can be engaged in. The premise behind Switchblade is to provide a means for gathering vital information about a Windows system or the network in which it resides.

Its modular design allows for developers to include additional toolsets and features with minimal effort. This tool would significantly benefit any administrator in need of a standard utility devised for isolated system troubleshooting and analysis.

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Data often thought to be inaccessible from a physical standpoint is now nearly effortlessly attainable. The underlying concepts outlined here are not groundbreaking by any means. Most of the tools used by the USB Switchblade have been around for years. Information technology administrators and engineers are likely very familiar with some of these tools, just not the deployment methods. As with the USB Hacksaw, the method of use is what is important here. Fifth period was almost over, and he still had one more class to go.

He had heard a substitute teacher was filling in, so he knew the last class would be a breeze. He was supposed bring a new program he had found online that could help him in times of dire need. They had met the previous year when Johnny began high school as a freshman.

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