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The Out of Eden Walk, as my project is called, is a storytelling journey through the world that follows the pathways of the first human migrations out of Africa during the Stone Age. The idea is to retrace the original discovery of the Earth by our ancestors while writing stories and taking photographs and video and audio recordings along the way. The project uses deep history to examine the current events that are shaping our lives in the early 21st century. By slowing down to the pace of my own footsteps, I hope to immerse myself in the lives of the ordinary people I meet along the way, and extract more meaningful stories from the usual headlines of our day.

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You can define journey as you wish. Some ideas include:. You should use at least one traditional, professional map and at least two other forms of media photo, text, video, painting, computer graphics, etc. Your map can be digital, on paper, 3-dimensional, or a combination. Consider: what makes up your mental map of this place? Option 2.

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Select one image or video from the interactive story that made an impression on you. Write a one-page response that explores the following questions:. Integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse media and formats, including visually and quantitatively, as well as in words. Students should create a numbered list and cite textual evidence in their response to each question. Skip to main content. To what extend do locative media enable us to shape and modify our environment? Michiel de Lange. Michiel, this is a nice bit of work, good to read a fresh perspective.

Thanks for the review. I admired that you pointed out only visual sense is dominated in the text and others neglected; for the ones who are interested in senses in built environment, I will suggest writings of Juhani Pallasmaa. Thanks a lot for the review Michael.

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You give a clear idea of the content so I know what to read up! Would like to keep in contact. Great blog g. Hi Giorgio, thanks for your comment. Sounds interesting, this project www.

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  • I like how you try to involve more than just vision to cognitively map urban places. He is the co-founder of The Mobile City , an independent research group founded in that investigates the influence of digital media technologies on urban life and the implications for urban design and policy.


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    Here he worked on several projects at the intersection of ICTs and the city, e. He also volunteered and worked for Cybersoek , a computer neighborhood center in Amsterdam. Michiel is on Twitter and LinkedIn. Our cities are becoming increasingly shaped by digital media technologies. The Mobile City investigates this relationship between digital media technologies and urban life, and the implications for urban design. Jiska Engelbert at Erasmus University Rotterdam is organizing a very interesting event 18 and 19 September, at which I will be speaking.

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    • Thanks a lot for all the work you do here, guys! Michiel de Lange May 16, Interesting format. Makes the opposite of the usual boring lecture class. This was challenging and rewarding.

      BERGHAHN BOOKS : Journeys Into Madness: Mapping Mental Illness In The Austro-Hungarian Empire

      I loved it. Very well done! Thank you! Week 4's initial focus is our natural concepts of space and time, and how these dimensions inform the "storyworld" of a narrative. We then examine how directors, authors, and video game developers use these innate frameworks to tell stories, invoking Seymour Chapman's book "Film and Discourse: Narrative Structure in Fiction and Film.