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Her research interests include theoretical computer science, online education, innovative approaches to teaching programming and other technical courses, and ways to attract students to technology majors. Settle is interested in exploring different tools and methods to support game development curricula. Noriko Tomuro Dr. She is interested in using these techniques to better understand videogames and the meaning we make of them. Xiaowen Fang Dr. Fang focuses his research on user-centered design of Web search tools, usability of e-business, usability of mobile commerce, multi-modal information presentation, and enjoyment of computer game play.

Jose Zagal Dr. He is also interested in supporting games literacy through the use of collaborative learning environments.

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Funded by URC and Microsoft. This projects seeks to use NLP techniques to analyze game reviews, both professional as well as user-written, to explore the meaning of videogames, the discourse surrounding their use, and also their fundamental qualities and how they are perceived. GameLog is an online blogging environment for supporting reflection of gameplaying experiences. GameLog also support users' understanding of how a game, and the gameplay experience, can change over time.

This project is dedicated to the analysis of videogames that are ethically notable. An ethically notable game is loosely defined as a game that provides opportunities for encouraging ethical reasoning and reflection.

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Menu College of Computing and Digital Media. Search Search. Request Information. It's a bit of a truism, but to the best way to experience and understand a game is to play it.

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Just as someone who reads a wealth of books is becoming more literate and well read, a person who plays a wealth of games is becoming more ludoliterate and well played. Zagal uses the term to focus a discussion around how to best teach students to better understand games. So developing ludoliteracy is the process of becoming more analytical and insightful about how games work by playing them. The activity of gameplay implicitly connotes an element of performance involved when playing a game. Thinking about this performance of gameplay, I see it happening on three different levels that combine in games and illustrate some of the unique characteristics of the experience.

On one level, the performance of playing a game can be as engaging to watch as it is to play. Granted people have always watched games; whether it's at a sporting event, or at a chess match, or around a coin op arcade cabinet, or at a video game tournament just to name a few instances.

But lately, games seemed to be foregrounding this dynamic even more in the design of the gameplay experience. A great example of this would be the Rock Band and Guitar Hero franchises. On a metaphorical level, these games tap into the performative dynamic of playing music and putting on a concert for fans. These games also require that a group of players get together to play, so there is an inherent element of actual performance as well.

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And it is a lot of fun to watch both the action on the screen and in the room as a group plays through a song. Similarly, it can be entertaining to watch people play games on the Nintendo Wii as well as with the Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect. Both Dance Central and Child of Eden make good use of the Kinect's ability to turn your body into the controller and really get moving while you play.

The embodied nature of these play experiences is fun to perform and to watch others try as well. In a related vein, the action-adventure game, Uncharted 2 , has enough of a big blockbuster action story that it's fun to watch the adventure. It's actually a game that my wife enjoyed watching me play, although what was interesting was that she enjoyed it best when I played on the Easy setting.

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Anything harder caused me to take too long with the various combat sections where I'd tend to die most often and she would lose a sense of the thread of the story. But playing on Easy enabled me to advance through combat quickly enough that the story beats kept coming at a pace where she could continue to enjoy watching me navigate the hero through feats of derring-do as the adventure unfolded. Of course, a large part of the fun of watching someone play a game is to see them do some amazing feat that took skill or luck or both. Youtube is full of gameplay videos showing some amazing moments of gameplay, and many games are providing in game tools that make it easier than ever to capture video of your gameplay and share it with your friends or the internet at large.

Like a highlight reel from a sports game, these gameplay videos illustrate some of the best performances by players. The idea of performing well leads us to the next level of performance that can be found in games.

We've already compared games to sports, but this element of performance is related a little more to theatre. Often, games are compared to film and there are discussions about what characteristics games share or could borrow from film. I think it is even more fruitful to look at what games share with, and can learn from, live theatrical performance and improvisational acting.

Like theatre, games provide a context both spatial and conceptual within which agency is enacted as the players take the stage.

The Performance of Gameplay: Developing a Ludoliteracy

As such, performance is an interesting lens to explore the inherent interactivity found in playing games. In both cases, the experience exists primarily in the immediacy of the present moment as players take action.

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Plus, performance, especially when considered from the perspective of improv, is a great way to think about how coherent experiences can be collaboratively created out of nothing.