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Introduction to Analytical Gas Chromatography, Revised and Expanded

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Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure. Theoretical and practical aspects of split, splitless and cool on-column injection have been studied and described by Grob 5 , 6 and many others, while programmed temperature vaporization PTV injection was pioneered by Vogt, Poy and Schomburg 7. With the exception of some developments in gas or pressurized liquid injection and hyphenation of different sample preparation techniques thermal desorption, dynamic headspace, derivatization, and many others to CGC, hardly any research is presently devoted to further development and performance evaluation of inlet systems.

At the same time, we are also concerned about the lack of optimization, validation, and critical evaluation of CGC methods under development or being published. We have the impression that the quality of recent scientific publications in the field of CGC is quite variable.

Such observations put pressure on CGC as a mature technique of great value The paper questions the correctness of data produced by GC-MS in life sciences. One could easily argue that the applied experimental design using off-line heating of standards and biological samples, followed by LC-ESI-MS analysis, can in no way simulate what happens in a CGC column and system.

The above claim — and others in the paper — can be simply counteracted by looking into the performance of CGC over the past few decades.

Gas Chromatography - working principle and instrumentation lecture

A good example is the routine quantitative analysis of steroids in medical laboratories — a foolproof method, based on derivatization by oximation and silylation followed by GC analysis and direct injection, was published in A more recent example is an oligosaccharide analysis that is routinely performed by CGC in quality control in food laboratories.

As illustrated in Figure 1, using oximation and silylation, an appropriate sample introduction method cool on-column and high-temperature CGC analysis, fructose oligomers can be determined quantitatively up to decamers, representing molecular weights close to dalton.

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They do, however, prove the power and maturity of CGC. In our opinion, the major — in fact, only — value of the paper is that it represents a wake-up call for the GC community and for the chromatographic community in general. Indeed, since most centers of GC expertise from the 20th century have re-oriented or been absorbed into other faculties or institutions, there is a slow but important loss of knowledge on the fundamentals of GC — and also an attrition of know-how.

Young scientists entering the field can no longer rely on in-house expertise and, in their quest for rapid publication, they often focus exclusively on recent review papers, missing out on groundbreaking fundamental work.

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Losses through the septum purge outlet, for instance, often exceed 30 percent overloading of the vaporizing chamber , and frequently less than 60 percent of the sample is transferred into the column. Some of the injectors on the market are simply inadequate. Should it be performed by a short or a long syringe needle, with an empty or a packed liner of 2 or 4 mm i. Our experiences are fully in line with these statements.

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