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From Mike White: The Chinese characters for "fasting" literally translate into "avoiding grains". They seem to have an addictive quality. After working with people for many years I have found they thrive better on a grain free diet. It was only by eliminating grains completely from my diet that 'i was able to resolve my chronic allergy problems.

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My overall fitness has never been better. I have been on Dr. It belongs on the shelf of every health care professional. Graham has shown, grain crops are not a natural food for humans Grain crops are processed, cooked, eaten, and eliminated into the sewers and waterways of civilization. Erosion wears down unstable grain fields washing minerals away. Jungles are turned into rice paddies. One way or the other the soil minerals end up at the bottom of the ocean. Your choice to go "against the grain" radically helps the planet. A common misconception from a leading medical doctor.

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Experiment with exotic varieties of rice — red and black are beautiful and delicious -- and discover the distinctive flavors and textures of buckwheat groats kasha and quinoa, grain-like seeds from Eastern Europe and South America. I disagree. Results and Discussion It is noteworthy that for the Lluta Valley coprolites, all but two contained starch.

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  8. Table 1 Data from two coprolite analysis. Open in a separate window. The second analysis measured the pollen concentration of a subset of samples analyzed originally. The last 4 columns present the data from starch grains counts focusing on maize results only. Other starch types including yuca , maize, quinoa, oca and unknown types were encountered but are not presented in this table. Concentration refers to the calculated numbers of starch granules per gram of coprolite. Pristine maize refers to starch granules that show now evidence of preparation by fermentation or cooking.

    Altered maize refers to starch granules that show erosion of the internal or external surface consistent with effect of fermentation or cooking. Figure 1. Comparison of ancient starch with modern starch from experimental preparation. Materials and Methods The methods used for processing the coprolites involved rehydration, disaggregation, screening, and microscopic analysis [5] , [19] , [20].

    Impact of Empire Expansion on Household Diet: The Inka in Northern Chile's Atacama Desert

    Footnotes Competing Interests: The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. References 1. A molecular analysis of dietary diversity for three Archaic Native Americans. Reinhard KJ. Cultural ecology of prehistoric parasitism on the Colorado Plateau as evidenced by coprology. Am J Phys Anthropol. Pathoecology and the future of coprolite studies. In: Stodder AWM, editor. Reanalysis and reinterpretation in southwestern bioarchaeology.

    Tempe: Arizona State University Press; Inca expansion and parasitism in the Lluta Valley: preliminary data. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz. Contextos de interacciones sociales complejas y multidireccionales. Chungara Rev Antropol Chil.

    Bryant VM. Invisible clues to New World plant domestication. Murra JV. Andean ecology and civilization, an interdisciplinary perspective on Andean ecological complementarity. Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press; In: Murra JV, editor. Huanuco: Universidad Hermilio Valdizan; Hidalgo J, Durston A. Rethinking the vertical archipelago. Amer Anthropol. Hastorf CA. The effect of the Inka State on Sausa agricultural production and crop consumption.

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    Amer Antiq. Santoro CM. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh; Late prehistoric regional interaction and social change in a coastal valley of northern Chile. Holden TG. Evidence of prehistoric diet from northern Chile: coprolites, gut contents and flotation samples from the Tulan Quebrada.

    World Archaeol. Williams IR. Analysis of coprolites recovered from six sites in northern Chile.

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    Prehistoric trails of Atacama: archaeology of northern Chile. Los Angeles: University of California; Bol Inst Franc Estud Andin. Coprolite analysis: a biological perspective on archaeology. In: Schiffer MB, editor. Advances in archaeological method and theory 4. Tucson: University of Arizona Press; Reinterpreting the pollen data from Dos Cabezas.

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    Internat J Osteoarchaeol. Vinton SD. Lincoln, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln. Pollen concentration analysis of Ancestral Pueblo dietary variation. Palaeogeog Palaeoclimatol Palaeoecol. Hastorf CA, Johannessen S. Pre-Hispanic political change and the role of maize in the Central Andes of Peru. D'Altroy T. Washington, D. Provincial power in the Inka Empire. D'Altroy T, Hastorf C. The distribution and contents of Inca state storehouses in the Xauxa region of Peru.

    Am Antiq.

    source site Greenwich: JAI Press; The Economic organization of the Inca State. Morris C, Thompson DE. London: Thames and Hudson; Lima: Instituto de Estudios Peruanos; Starch grains reveal early root crop horticulture in the Panamanian tropical forest. Microfossil evidence for pre-Columbian maize dispersals in the neotropics from San Andre's, Tabasco, Mexico.

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