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A normal SMS message can only contain at most bytes. Concatenated SMS works like this: the sender's mobile device breaks a message longer than bytes into smaller parts. Each of these parts are then fitted in a single SMS message and sent to the recipient. When these SMS messages reach the destination, the recipient's mobile device will combine them back to one message.

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What is the cause of the problem? When the mobile phone receives the SMS messages that are parts of a concatenated SMS message, it combines them to one message automatically. The correct behavior should be: when the mobile phone receives the SMS messages that are parts of a concatenated SMS message, it forwards them to the computer without combining them. Many mobile phone models cannot be used with a computer to receive MMS messages. Because when they receive a MMS notification, they handle it automatically instead of forwarding it to the computer.

A mobile phone may not support some AT commands, command parameters and parameter values.

GPRS - Overview

For example, some mobile phones do not support the sending and receiving of SMS messages in text mode. Most SMS messaging applications have to be available 24 hours a day. If such SMS messaging applications use mobile phones to send and receive SMS messages, the mobile phones have to be switched on all the time. However, some mobile phone models cannot operate with the battery removed even when an AC adaptor is connected, which means the battery will be charged 24 hours a day.

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The GPRS service is available throughout the network coverage of Vodacom Mozambique, and means that you can access the Internet starting at any point that has the sign of a Vodacom network. The speed of data transmission depends on the characteristic of the mobile equipment. Not all mobile devices support the same speed. The speed of data transmission can also be affected by the location of the customer on the antenna: the capacity of the signal determines the connection speed. Please refer to the specifications of the equipment.

The configuration of mobile phones depends on each model.

What is the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)? - Twilio

Manually - The person doing the settings must know the configuration parameters of Vodacom. We suggest that you go to a store Vodacom Vodashop to obtain assistance, or contact the online customer with No. Automatically - By accessing the configuration page here on the website and select the phone you want to configure, the system sends the configuration message to your phone Internet.

It will be sent a SMS message with the settings. Just save them and enter the PIN , if requested. One of the advantages of GPRS is that it always has available a voice channel.

Working Principle of GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)

Therefore, there is no chance of losing a call while surfing the Internet. The customer can change at any time of the call to GPRS or vice versa. GPRS can be used to access the private network of the institution.

GPRS Shield V3.0

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