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The less noble metal, the anode, reacts to the release of current, creating a sacrificial effect. Because the anode acts as the weakest link in the connection, it corrodes and the object remains protected. Anode Supply is a supplier of aluminium, zinc and magnesium anodes.

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We maintain a stock and can supply all types of anodes. In zinc anodes, the alloy is weaker than the metal to be protected and sacrifices itself because it is the weakest link in the connection between the anode and the surface to be protected. They are integrated as the standard prevention against corrosion in many ship maintenance plans, mainly for vessels operating in saltwater. Aluminium anodes have been proven as effective as zinc anodes with less material needed for the same level of protection.

Aluminium anodes can also be more environmentally friendly as they do not contain cadmium.

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Anode Supply can provide a range of different size and shape anodes with bolt-on or weld-on mounting. We produce our products in Europe and they are always tested on alloy. In addition to standard fixed-size anodes, we can make anodes according to customer size and shape specification. As with sacrificial anodes, the anti-fouling system dissolve anodes in the environment where they are activated.

Anti-fouling anodes are used to prevent biological growth of micro-organisms. This growth occurs under the waterline in places that are difficult to reach such as a water inlet and box coolers.

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In order to protect box coolers, anodes with copper alloy are solubilised, which creates an environment that minimises the growth of organisms with the copper particles. Third Edition. NACE, Peabody, has been the most trusted resource in the field of pipeline corrosion. Chapters have updated information and graphics to expand on the user-friendly nature of the original book.

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Complete Solutions for Cathodic Protection Systems

Cathodic protection is the most common electrochemical technique used to prevent external corrosion on submerged marine structures. Corrosion Service has never been shy to take on a unique and challenging project that does not conform to the normal. Since our founding Corrosion Service has been and remains a leader in the corrosion control industry, supporting the various industries in North America and around the World, ensuring asset integrity by providing responsible engineering services.

We also converted a prime corner office into a Library at our Head Office and dedicated the room to Sorin Segall for his commitment to Corrosion Service, the numerous papers he has presented, his engineering mentoring within Corrosion Service and our industry. We would be pleased for you to come and view this comprehensive library that includes various text books, relevant publications, all NACE Materials Performance magazines presented since first publication, technical bulletins and various other related corrosion related print material.

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London , cathodic protection papers were presented by Sir Humphry Davy to the Royal Society , and shortly after the first application of cathodic protection was to attach sacrificial anodes to the ship HMS Samarang. The anodes were made from iron and were attached directly to the hull clad copper sheath below the waterline. They were successful in dramatically reducing the corrosion rate of the copper. An unintended side effect caused additional marine growth on the copper hull and significantly reduced the speed of the ship. It was then decided to remove the anodes and let the copper corrode.

In , Faraday discovered the quantitative connection between corrosion weight loss and electric current and set the path for cathodic protection as we know it today. Today cathodic protection is a critical component that protects our various industrial, commercial and consumer infrastructure assets.

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Zinc, Magnesium or Aluminum metal alloys are commonly used as the anode, as these metal alloys have a native potential more negative than the cathode structure metal i. The asset metal is typically steel, but depending on the environment and corrosive nature of the electrolyte , the asset metal may be comprised of stainless steel, ductile iron, aluminum and or others. Sacrificial anode systems do not require an external power source, are self-controlling and require very little maintenance.