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Business Studies. We collaborate closely with Oxford University Press to develop valuable resources which meet the needs of teachers and students all over the world, and are pleased to endorse Oxford resources for Cambridge IGCSE.

After this time, they must be paid for or returned at your own cost. Your email address will not be sold or passed onto third parties outside OUP. There are not enough to produce everything we need and want. These are public enterprises. Many provide public services. Firms — organizations that produce goods and services. Entrepreneur — a person with the know- how and willingness to take the risks and decisions necessary to set up and run a business.

Modern and highly visual design makes the content more accessible to students, increasing motivation and enthusiasm Business buzzwords Consumers — people and organizations resources used to make goods and services. Businesses are organized according to how they are owned, controlled and financed From the last section you will recall there are a number of different types of business organization in the private sector of an economy.

We asked her why she had decided to open her own business.

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They said there was too much competition and my business could be at risk. They may employ other people to work in the business, but it will only ever have one owner. Most businesses are sole traders.

It is the oldest and most common form of business organization in the world. From taxation and trade deals to understanding the ways advertisers manipulate consumers. My time spent working in banking allows me to contextualise my teaching with a range of real examples.

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I am passionate about getting students to see the real world relevance of what they are studying. Business is a subject that provides students with skills that are very relevant for future careers. My diverse experience has helped me become a versatile and dynamic educator bringing out the best.

I believe homeschooling allows all students to receive a high quality education. Business Studies is great — it helps you to understand why and how business decisions are made.

Students I have taught have loved it because they can apply it to real life — I hope you will too! I have been helping people achieve their qualifications for over twenty years in schools and colleges and now via home study.

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I always try to ensure I provide an enjoyable but challenging learning experience. My son James Fox was homeschooled and we chose Wolsey Hall to support him. The learning material was clear and concise and he was buoyed by the knowledge that support was only an email away. They say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Job done. Thanks Wolsey Hall. Contact Us Apply Now.

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