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    Section Discussions. Section Events. Business law is the collection of legal requirements around forming, operating, dissolving, and engaging with a business.

    What is Business Law: Definition and Overview

    A business can occupy the labor, attention, and time of a person, for the purpose of earning a profit or livelihood. Engaging in a single act that relates to a specific business isn't considered to be carrying on or engaging in the business, but a series of acts would be considered as engaging in the business.

    Work, business, and labor aren't synonyms of one another.


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    Although labor can be business, engaging in business isn't always labor. For example, if you made an agreement to purchase a good on a Sunday, but this is prohibited in the vendor's business laws, you would be breaking the law. A law is a recognized and enforced principle or causal link that, if violated, results in a penalty, such as injury, pain, failure, or loss. Laws are binding rules that relate to the conduct of individuals and businesses and are designed to prescribe obligation or duty and enforce justice.

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    A law is largely derived from formal or custom enactment by someone in power within the area, such as a legislature or a ruler. Laws carry authority and power of the enactor, and anyone who violates them is subject to penalties.

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    Laws get their legitimacy from being based on principles that are universally accepted, such as the sovereign power of whoever is enacting them or the justness of each law. Laws describe direct links between the cause and effect of phenomena, often deduced from observations or experiments. Business law , which is also referred to as mercantile or commercial law, is the group of rules that governs the dealings between individuals or companies involved in commercial matters.

    What is Business Law?

    These laws can be enacted by:. This branch of law relates to the liabilities, duties, and legal rights of individuals or businesses involved in transactions that relate to merchandising, sales, commerce, and trade. The rise of powerful digital platforms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon in the new global economy has sparked an increasingly…. Prepayment Penalties in Commercial Loan Documents Contractual prepayment premiums—also called make-whole provisions or prepayment….

    No doubt, courts and….

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    One hallmark of an expanding economy is increased lending to businesses. As more capital becomes available,…. An assignment for the benefit of creditors ABC is a business liquidation device available to an insolvent…. On August 29, , after Washington and Colorado voters legalized marijuana, then-acting U.

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    About once a year, our firm librarian drops off a revised edition of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Read More. By: Norman M. Powell, John J. Paschetto, Tammy L.