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Every great journey begins with a first step, and the visionaries who built the League recognized that the first steps toward educational excellence must begin early. Academic competition for younger students was a part of the UIL program almost from the beginning, with the first junior division Declamation contest for students aged in The first competition for students under age 10 was Spelling, which began a sub-junior division in These events span the curriculum - they are designed to complement and expand upon what students learn in the classroom, both through learning specific subject knowledge, and through learning skills that are valuable in many disciplines.

Shared materials are available here. After long deliberating with other colleagues we have decided to move it one last date to the April 30th If we do not achieve our winner's announcements by then all entries will receive a full refund into their paypal account that they originally entered with. I will finish with a full apology from everybody here at Inspired by Writing for the delay in the announcements.

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We wasn't anticipating this on our run up to our first competition but it has educated us in a situation which will not happen again in the future. Please use the form below to leave your comments. All comments will be reviewed so won't appear on the page instantly. I will not share your details with anyone else. Most recent comments appear at the bottom of the page, oldest at the top. Best of luck getting the story placed!

Tim Thanks for doing this, very nicely laid out and easy to follow salient facts, it is much appreciated. I'm pretty new to short story writing and was looking for comps for a short I've just written. I didn't realise the problems I'd face with it being around 7, words though! Chris Fielden Thanks Tim, yes, there are very few competitions which accept over 5, words. You can try the magazines page as a lot of the US publications take submissions around the 7, word mark. Perhaps, it could be added to the 'Other short Story Publishing' list. Brenda Thank you for compiling all these contests.

The first time I was on this site I thought I saw a contest pertaining to anything to do with horses, but now can't find it. Is it here? John W Hi. I have written 18 short stories for children say 4 to 8 years about a young bear and a hedgehog and their adventures. Perhaps you could recommend suitable competitions I could enter? Regards, John.

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Chris Fielden Hi John. Harshita N Thanx for providing so many opportunities on a single page. Harshita, I will list any short story competitions from any country there is one Egyptian one listed but I need to know about them! If there are any you know of that you'd like listed here, please tell me. Richard B I just wanted to say thanks. Jan e B Hi Chris - your list is most useful, thank you.

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Bristol Prize has a word max of 4, rather than 3,ooo according to the website. Chris Fielden Thanking you Jane, much appreciated - I have updated the details accordingly Pamela A Wonderful, comprehensive listings - thank you very much. I've wasted too much time compiling lists instead of focusing on writing - procrastinating and getting too tidy!

Cheers and good health, Pamela. Russell S Your site is an excellent resource for someone such as myself looking to get on that tricky first rung of the publishing ladder. They have had to postpone their first issue in order to allow more submissions. It is to be writer voted i. I think it's a great concept and would be grateful if you could help spread the word by adding it to your list.

Russell, thanks for the information. I've added Sixfold to the prestigious, big prize competition list. Best of luck - I hope you do well in the competition Honor W I was searching for the annual competition for a book of Scottish Short Stories, which used to have the closing date of 31st Jan - but I can't find it. Does it no longer exist do you know or am I using the wrong search terms? Thanks for this list - it's very useful. That closes in July, but the organisers might have changed the entry dates.

K I Thank you sooo much for putting this up! Honestly, it has been of a great help to me. Anne Thank you so much for compiling this list! It's saved loads of time for me, and it's given me a lot of motivation too! I've written a collection of short stories and have decided to enter them in various competitions this year, since publishing them as a whole collection is proving to be quite difficult as a previously unpublished author.

However, there is one thought that is concerning me and I can't find the answer to it anywhere. Hence my asking you! If I win a competition, or am a runner-up, can I then use the story again in a collection at a later date?

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I don't want to enter and possibly win competitions if that means I then can't use the story again, as part of a complete collection. What you're talking about is exactly what I'm planning to do with my short stories long term - put a collection together, ALL of which will have been previously published. So I think it's a fantastic idea, but I am slightly biased However, I'm afraid I can't give you a definitive answer to your question, as I don't actually know.

I'd assume it would vary from publisher to publisher.

I believe that having stories in your collection that are previously published would make your work far more saleable as the stories are of a proven quality - an editor or competition judge has already thought they were good enough to publish. It also gives you some great experience in dealing with editors so it's fabulous for your writing CV.

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The only time you might run into issues is with the contracts you enter into when your work is published through competitions. The copyright generally remains with the author, meaning that after the magazine or competition have published your work, you are then free to resell it. That is certainly the case for all of the stories I've published, including one which is due to be in the Chapter One promotions anthology 'Primed' this year.

For this particular story, I've had to sign quite a lengthy contract, but the copyright remains with me and, once their book is published, I'm free to do what I want with the story.

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To back this theory up, 'The Golden Apples of the Sun' and 'The Collected Short Stories of Roald Dahl' are examples of 2 very famous books that contain stories that have been previously published in a wide variety of magazines. Admittedly, these are old books from established authors, but the fact that the stories were previously published didn't stop a publisher releasing them as a collection.

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The books actually say where and when they were first published - maybe because they are obliged to, but probably because the reader will find it interesting. In the end, I'd advise you to try and get as many stories published as you can through competitions, always aiming to WIN! Even if it turns out that you can't use them in a collection, they might get a publisher's interest. Then you can write more stories for the collection once you have a publishing contract! Your answer is very encouraging, and pretty much what I suspected myself. It means that I can go ahead and enter loads of competitions in the meantime.

I will be super-aware of the contracts aspect, though, and try to ensure that the copyright remains with me. My husband suggested I 'just write more' if I can't re-use the stories, but you know how precious they become - I want to see them belong together, since I deliberately wrote them with similar themes to fit together neatly into a collection.

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It would be annoying if I can only use them once. Many thanks again, and best of luck with your own collection. It sounds as if you're well on the way to putting one together!

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I know what you mean about stories becoming precious. I must admit though, over time, I've become less precious about them - I just like to see them in print! Roger S Christopher, I plan to enter one of the short story contests you mentioned. But I do have a 7,word short story set in England -- where we have often travelled to from here in the Colonies -- and wondered if you might be able to suggest a contest in the UK that accepts entries of that length.

All help appreciated. There are a couple of UK magazines that take longer stories - you can see them here. Christopher O This is a brilliant resource. I wish I knew of it earlier. Anne K Thanks for such a useful web site, just thinking of starting out again decades after having some small success with short story writing with HE Bates. Feel very inspired now! Samantha D This is so useful. Thanks, Alison. Dave P Thanks for this Chris, kind of you to share it. Very useful. Monica G Hi!!